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Artist:Black Oak Arkansas
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Track:After I Smoke I Like To Sleep
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Now its time to sleep,
this is my sleepin' song.
I hear it in my ears every week,
just goes on and on.

Yes, now you close your eyes,
a hero you'll become before
tomorrow comes.
Then it will end, and you're ridin' into the sunrise,
with your battle and
your lover, you've won.

Then you'll see things,
as they seem,
from a
the stories of your dreams!

In this night of no memory,
you can be
exactly as you want to be.
So be gallant, be ruthful, be beautiful.
May the next hit you
take be a headful.

Oh, yes I do, I like to smoke with you,
yes I do.

(repeat 3rd verse)
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