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Artist:Black Nero
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Track:Ring My Bell
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:ump it up take it up bring it up
When I ring ring ding a ding dong
You can call me up and
tell me
That you want to hear my song
When I swing let it ring
Cause I wanna do my
And make sure the people jump up
And down a sing
Jump jump jumping all
You're moving to the rhythm
And you're moving to the sound
I know when I sing
that you
Just wanna ring my bell

(Original Sample) "Ring my bell"

ringading a ding dong
Ding dong ding dong

(Original Sample) "Ring my

Chase the pace I arrange when I'm standing
The one's coming right at
Microphone check one volume louder
I time baby and I'm coming on prouder
and low the way I go
I never stop I don't flow
No correction just perfection
You never
seen a brother rock'n'roll like me
Tony T double e you see
Ding dong ding dong
Call me
if you like to
Another ding another dong I won't bite you
All night long I'm feeling alright
Dance dance have a little romance
All you need is my number in your pants
And when I
get home the first thing
I do is call

(Original Sample) "Ring my bell"
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