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Artist:Black Moon
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Track:Black Smif-N-Wessun
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Im takin ya back come follow me
on a journey to see a for real MC
the mind tricks the body

body thinks the mind is crazy
but when I get the slazy
keep my flow Im swayze
I take
whatever type of shit the nigga Buckshot makes
the incredible lyical and
You can kill a bull if you wanna take it cool
Whatever I see I attack(tack)

Fuck up the back blacknigga fuck that
The devil lurks in my heart yearns for it well

Look into the eyes of a nigga who fell
I hit my head on the concrete to beat defeat

(GUNSHOT)Another dead nigga in the street
Bullseye direct hit dont miss..
but How
Many MC's Must Get Dissed
I can break it down like whatever you want
runnin like this
?????but I gets bizzd when Im pissed
Mister Buckshot rock it not quick

Bitch get off my dick
I open up and boot em then I shoot em up
clev-ever cuz I wear my leather in the winter
I enta da stage, nigga cock ya gauge
I bust
em off somein awful
and then I leave the stage
Im just a crazy maniac murder a murder type
ya shittin, ya ass thinkin I caught ya blinkin
I wet em and forget I never should
of met em
But he was talkin shit to my man
so had to get em can get the fist

But How Many MC's Must Get Dissed
I gotta nigga on scope
throught the eye of an Eagle
but I had the nigga puffin steel
my brain is lethal
as a niggas brain Im goin insane
pound after pound and come stomp on ya brain
Pick up the
route and be jetty wit the loot
dont try to walk wit a switch bitch like your cute
you jus
couldnt let me stick my dick and ride on the regular
Prendsedara exce
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