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Artist:Black Moon
Taken from the album War Zone by Black Moon
Album:War Zone
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:featuring Q-Tip

(yo) Aiyyo Buck, word up (get up in em)
it's that nigga from the Tribe
Let these niggas know what's up son, aight?

Bounce to this, you don't wanna miss this, get into this
This is that
shit that make em all flip
They all want a piece
Some keep a steady mind, some get
Now what be the shit that make them niggas think
When they ship come in, they
ship won't sink
Everybody you meet on your way up, you meet down
So if you burn a
bridge how you gonna cross town
Think about it now and cry later
A mothafuckin money
maker so I die greater
And everytime I get them visions in my head
Everything is
red, gettin high from the stimuli
Very blurry-eyed dred
Said to me, Buck da B-D-B

When you smoke your ?sensity? I hope you take out your seed
And watch your back for
them bitches who act shady
Wit another lady friend that try to serve you wit gravy

Menage, I almost got caught, what can I say
Fallin for the lust, I almost got bust Friday

But safely so, got em by the most high
He's out yo, into some next bullshit, I'm like

Bounce to this, bounce to this, bounce to this
All my
hip-hop heads
Bounce to this, bounce to this, bounce to this
Mr. Buckshot say

Hip-hop, set out in the park
Niggas comin through wit they
heaters to bark
I always have to be around some shit
Showin mothafuckers I be down
for shit
Real quick to do my justice
Walk the streets and stay close to my musket

Bust this, everytime I hit the corner I notice at night
Niggas always wanna see a
fight, crowd around it like
Cause a scene, some dumb nigga might pop off a shot
the air for props, followed by the cops and the ghetto bird
Swoop down and hit them niggas
while they standin on the curb
What a herb, kick off a shot in the air
Make the
crowd shatter, kid you should've splurged
Now all I see is a fleet of DT's
Comin in
the direction of B-D-B
Kick up dust, can't get bust, duckin darts
See they wanna
shoot the god
Fuck it, they want to hit all of us

Bounce to
this, in your Pinto
You can bounce to this in your 5 double-0
You can bounce to this
in your Mustang
You can bouce to this, let it bang let it bang
You can bounce to
this on the block that you on
You can bounce to this, polyin on your horn, come on

When a finesse pulled up in a GS
Double-breast to protect the
lungs that I blow cess from
Yes, now I got time to press
Early visions in my head
seein you in that red dress
Back door, it's the VIP
For B-D-B, classic '83 type
Sport gold nugget, fuck it
Rugged individual and make a profit from it

That's why I love it and I get mine
Promote the bump and grind, sippin liqour to a
Every girl'll be a dime, see it's showtime
And every mothafucker online wanna
hit something
Niggas need to stop frontin

[Q-Tip & Buckshot]
to this, bounce to this, bounce to this
All my hip-hop heads
Bounce to this, bounce
to this, bounce to this
Mr. Buckshot say
Bounce to this in your 3-2-0
to this in your 5-4-0
Bounce to this in your 7-4-0
You can bounce to this blazin on
hydro, ooh
Wha-what, if you smoke a ounce you can bounce to this
In the club you
bounce to this
Up inside your sheet you can bounce to this
In the projects you can
bounce to this
Fuck it, in the suburb bounce to this
Huh, in the curb you can bounce
to this
Fuckin wit the herb, you can bounce to this
Wha-what, wha-what
Evil Dee, Buckshot da B-D-B
Back at yo' ass for the nine-now
Don't bite this style,
mothafucker BOO-YAA
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