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Artist:Black Crowes
Taken from the album By Your Side by Black Crowes
Album:By Your Side
Track:Go Tell The Congregation
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Here i am
There i was
Here i go
Just follow me

If it was
Then it
And we know
How it will be

When it was
Just because
Yes you
It's not a dream

It's just all
C'mon y'all
I'll tell you
What i

When you want to lose your blues
Go tell the congregation
When there's
nothing left that you can do
Go tell the congregation
When you want to tell the truth

Go tell the congregation
When the devil's got a hold of you
Go tell the congregation

Don't look back
Stay on track
It's a fact
A lesson to me

Keep in
With your pride
Now you know
How strong you can be

There's no
Draw a line
Yes i know
That you can know me

Look alive
Everybody wants to be free

"everything is everything"
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