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Artist:Black Crowes
Taken from the album By Your Side by Black Crowes
Album:By Your Side
Track:Go Faster
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:What kind of trouble did i get into?
Gotcha moving, gotcha moving

Not staying long
just passing through
Keep you rolling, keep you rolling

I know the chemicals you
like too
Gotcha moving, gotcha moving
And if you ask me nice
I'll take you to
Keep you rolling, keep you rolling

I took all i need
I don't need no
Then i'll take what i want
Until i want some more

You can't stop
Or i
might pass ya
If you slow down
I'll out last ya
But when you're down
You won't
find me laughing
Just one question i might ask ya
It might sound like a disaster
you make this thing go faster?

I know something baby we can do
Gotcha moving, gotcha
A pinch, a bite, a lick or maybe two
Keep you rolling, keep you rolling

Saw what i came to see
Don't want to see no more
I don't think it's diseased
But is
sure is sore
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