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Artist:Black Crowes
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Album:Live At The Greek
Track:Custard Pie
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Written by: j. page & r. plant

Drop down, baby, let your daddy see.
Drop down,
mama, just dream of me
Well, my mama allow me to fool around all night long
Well, i may
look like i'm crazy, i should know right from wrong
See me comin', throw your man out the
Ain't no stranger, been this way before
See me comin', mama, throw your man out the
I ain't no stranger, i been this way before.

Put on your night shirt and your
morning gown
You know by night i'm gonna shake 'em down
Put on your night shirt mama, and
your morning gown
Well, you know by night i'm gonna shake 'em down
Your custard pie, yeah,
sweet and nice
When you cut it, mama, save me a slice
Your custard pie, i declare, it's
sweet and nice
I like your custard pie
When you cut it, mama... mama, please save me a

Save me a slice of your custard pie.
Drop down
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