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Track:To Take a Piece
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:If your lonely heart is aching,
think you can't take any more,
you have to cup your hands to
keep the light.
I will lean across your shoulder
and whisper in your ear
that this is
If you're old enough to face it,
you are old enough to fake it,
to get what you
desire and still ask why.
Then I'll tap you on the shoulder
and whisper in your ear
this is life.
This is what you struggled for,
no reprisals, no resistance,
this is
Can you answer me a question-
Have you lain awake at night,
the blinds undrawn,
the ceiling streaked with light?
You feel tired but you can't sleep,
feel so hungry you
can't eat-
Well, this is life.
Has your courage seemed to fail you
as you take your
chosen path?
You pass a camel through a needle's eye.
Get up in tiny little pieces
you've learnt the major rule:
that this is life.
This is what you waited for,
rehearsals, no more stalling,
this is life.
Have it tattooed on the inside
of your pink
and sleepy eyelids;
This is life.
This is life.
Absence makes the heart grow
grow more foolish than we can ever guess.
You feel your nerve ends slowly
and you hope the answer's
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