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Artist:Blac Haze
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Track:Get On Down
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Blac Haze
Represent (ah ha)
My whole crew getting down, my whole crew getting
down, check me out


Blac Haze, get on down (ah)
Merciless g's get on
down, (check me out)
EKG get on down, (ah) playa hatin on us
How we sound

Niggaz don't understand what we all about
Tryin to sell a million records first week out
I put it down with the EKG, mad niggaz got beef, c day b
Waitin on us playa hatin on
Niggaz better recognize a nigga on the rise
Don't want no trouble yo,
A nigga smoked
out in the 6 double-o, where you at
Gettting down for the green backs
See im all about loot,
I mean that, check me out
I floss with the cream of the crop
Betta peep game till my team
don't stop
If a nigga want beef, we regulate, why wait?
Florida keys up to the
Make it hot, everybody know my name
Blac Haze, real nigga true to the game (come


[Verse 2]
In the past they all try to bang with us
everybody wanna hang with us
In the club, strictly vip,
Moay crystal fly hoes by the
Back on the scene like disco
From Texas all the way to frisco
Niggaz talk shit,
that's kid stress
And a shout to my shorty out in the Midwest
Got love for me, and the way
I put it down

Smokin mad treats when im off in your town
What chu know about me and
getting crazy pay
Carribean cruising on the lazy day
EKG, that's my niggaz
C day b,
hockin math figgaz
Blaze the weed, getting down to my last philly
You think you can fuck
with us, really

[Chorus] 2x

Party over here it aint over there throw yo hands up
in the air
Get on down get on down, get on down get on down (2x
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