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Artist:Blac Haze
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Track:I remember Mom
Date Added:18/10/2007
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I reminesce on my mom
bout the good times we had and the bad times

I remember mom she used to hold me in her arms
the feelin was a charm
aint no need
to be alarmed
hittin me up with the love we was poor
I can recall livin on the run I cant
imgaine all the pain that my mom felt
tryin to raise 3 kids on a small wealth
hard times
wasnt nothin but a way of life
my mom never knew she would have to sacrifice
my old man hit
the road neglected his spouse
I had no choice now im the man of the house
the possibilities
grew at a fast rate
now Im on the street tryin to get that cash straight
tryin to stay up
out of jail at the same time
a young G claiming fame the game is mine
my old girl had my
back through all
the stess and drama took a test of time
in my mind I remember

Chorus: repeat 4x
ooh mama mama mama ooh mama mama mama
I remember

[Verse 2]
I told my mama that forever my fools fake
I can't recall my actions
at school straight
I'm skippin class thinkin its the thing to do
no education watch what
that brings to you
my old man was a crack fiend wont lie
need to change his ways I know he
wont try
everytime he came around it was mad drama
I couldn't take it always hittin on my
he had no idea he was breakin me down
I was screamin out loud without makin a
one day I just snapped to my suprise stood up to my dad looked him dead in

I guess God gave me strength to deal with that
told my old man he gotta chill with
no more beatin on my mom better watch that
I'm a man so you better squash


[Verse 3]
Mom I remember mom all the love I remember
you have
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