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Artist:Blac Haze
Taken from the album Res-Sa-Rec-Shun by Blac Haze
Track:Imma Die A Hustla
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:For real, Yeah
How ya gonna die?
When ya die, nigga
I'mma die a
I'mma die makin money
I'mma die a hustla
I'm smokin weed
and shit
My baby mama keep sayin she don't need this shit
She said I ain't doin nothin
for my Shorty
I'm like "Whatever"
As I'm sippin on the forty
Uhh, Yeah
got my mind on the come up
Cause I'm a G
36 ounces to a key
I need to be,

On the road with my niggaz from the hood
Screamin "It's all good, It's all good, It's
all good"
I often wonder should I stay in the game
Cause I got too many enemies takin
I learned that niggaz that beef
Be tryin to kill niggaz
So if you see me
I'm hangin with real niggaz
And I'll be bustin at bitches and shit
to get the ? out
Swervin at my ride bout to wreck out
I can't complain
cause that's the life I chose
Nigga I'ma be a hustler til my casket close
everbody's tellin me "You movin too fast"
The street life don't last
Look at your
homie's that past
And even though deep inside
I know they talkin true shit
still wanna do shit
Nigga I'mma die a hustla
Ain't got no time for
fuckin with hoes
They gotta wait
Cause a nigga gotta get his money straight

Cause niggaz be actin shady
When it come to green
Don't be fuckin with my money

If you come then come clean
You fools better wise up
I'm like ?
Cause I'ma <2>
to the nigga
Ask questions later
If I'ma die nigga
I'm not dyin alone

I'll be until my bullets gone
And only real niggaz, can feel my pain
I once thought I
was crazy
But now I know I'm insane
Smokin out
I'm the king of the base point

Me and my niggaz rollin up a fat laced joint
Tryin to survive
I need paper to
Every other day I'm violatin parole
Am I going back to jail?
I'll be
damned if I will
I ain't shootin to stop a nigga
I'm shootin to kill
I lived my
whole entire life in the fast lane
That's why I'm burned out
Never thought the streets
would have a niggaz soul turned out
I'ma get me, no matter how I get it
And tell the
police that Blac Haze did it
I'mma die a hustla
(For real, yeah)

Could it be the street life?
Or am I really losin my mind?
I get the trippin
nigga with my nine
When I low my shit you better stand clear
And call the coroner
cause there's a dead man here
See, I be watchin the niggaz who wanna be large
Or maybe
I catch a hot one and get to pullin on the trigger
That's why I'm packin five

When I'm packin key's
So many homies, that turned into my enemies
So don't be
fakin this shit
Like if you gonna blast
Cause when I turn out the lights
all outta gas
They got me caught up in the drama of the inner city
Who can a nigga
Everybody's actin shitty
I don't know where to turn
So I'ma chill back

And I'ma tighten my grip when I feel slacked
I don't want no small change
want a big caper
I'm runnin with the big boys
Makin big papers
Cause when I
roll I'll be rollin with a dirty clip
Dirty guns and dirty bullets make you dirty quick

And we be layin playa haters down
Like the law
You said you want it
serve it raw
Nigga I'mma die a hustla
(for real, yeah)
tell me do you know, do you know, do you know
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