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Artist:Bjorn Vang
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Track:How Do You Think I Feel?
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:How Do You Think I Feel?
I never worried we would last
`Cause we had no strings to the
This time when you went away
You wouldnt come back to stay

So clever
you led me to believe
Nothing had come between us
By the softness of your voice

The sensation from your touch

How do you think I feel?
Knowing youre not for real

All this time just pretending
Our love would never end

So much for all your
good intentions
Sadly your promises fell through
Since that day I lost my faith
seems all my love turned to hate

How do you think I feel


Next time around wont be the same
If loves a disguise for silly games
I`ve made the same
mistake before
I know I wont make it anymore

How do you think I feel
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