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Artist:Bjorn Vang
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Track:Here I Am - A Butterfly
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Here I am - a Butterfly
Here I am - a butterfly
I live life in slow motion
crossing distant grounds
Safely passing oceans
So graciously I spread my wings

Conducting all the whispers of the wind

Here I am - a butterfly
Displaying all my
I bring pleasure to your eyes
As if that was my duty
With all the vivid
colours of my skin
I long to prove myself from deep within

I am free as I can be

Still I dream of being free
I am free as I can be
But in my dreams Im flying free

If theres more to being free
I want more than I can see

Here I am - a
In the hands of perfect stranger
Soon I am his chosen one
To keep so
safely in his shelter
So proudly he shows me to the world
Convincing me that Im the only

Here I am - a butterfly
In my mantle-piece-display
Pinned and marked
for his collection
So I cannot fly away
From here my view is limited
- you had me trapped instead
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