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Track:no come down
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:i'm waiting for the come down
to put me in my place
i'm giving you the low down
you don't make my mistakes
i've tried to take it easy
i did the best i could
waiting here for jesus
cause it makes me feel so good

i'm living like a devil

although i am a saint
they pomise me salvation
but i don't have time to wait
there's a god in heaven
then tell him where i am
tell him i'm real busy now
and i'll
see him when i can
i'll get there when i can.

when i get out of here
i'm going
to feel real fine
when i get out of here
i'm going to loose my mind
i'm going to get
real high
i'm going to get real low
i'm going to take it fast
and then i take it slow

i'm going to get you there
and then i'll bring you back
i got the holly spirit

breathing down my neck
i'm going to climb the walls
i'm going to swim the moat

i've got god my father
jumping down my throught
i've got the virgin mary
on my bed
and i got sweet lord jesus
living in my head
oh yeah.

i'm lying
on the pavment
i got too big a dose
you said you'ld treat me right boy
but this don't
even come close
if i catch up to you
i'm going to split your skull in two
you best be
leaving town now
cause i'm comming after you
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