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Track:wasting away
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:the kids today, they got nothing to say
they got nothing to say, because they taught
that way
they wanna watch 'em grow old
put them in their graves 'till they're gone

they mess with their hearts and they mess with
their minds
and they plug up their ears
and then they make 'em
go blind
till they're walking the street and they can't tell what
time it is
you see them standing in line
you watch them going insane
because they're
wasting their time
While they're waiting in vain
This is the way it should be
you were
born to be free
so why you wasting away?
why you wasting away?
teachers today they got
nothing to say
they got nothing to say because they taught 'em
that way
they only do
what they're told so they can get their pay and go home
they walk down the streets with their
hearts in
their hands
And they grow up too fast and then they can't
understand what it's
like to be a woman or maybe a man
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