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Artist:Bizzie Boyz
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Track:Droppin It
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:..* Ego Trip's "Book of Rap Lists"; p. 323 *..

[Verse One]
Through the years, of
watchin the behavior of an MC
I came to the conclusion that a sucker mind is empty
What I'm
tryin to say is ingenuity is lackin
Full participation is the only thing I'm askin
your full attention on every word that is expressed
Uttered, announced, spoken or
Swallow it whole then let my science explode
But still I'm classified as a sucker,
I overlook, then invent a rhyme to get 'em wise
But you're too busy bein beamed up to
the Enterprise
You have no grabs, no concept, no nothin
but then you criticize the rhymes
that I be bustin
How can you do this when you're stankin brand new to this?
Be aware that
I'm not the MC to diss
I'm just a man that enjoys this type of music
and you don't have the
faintest idea of how to use it
For the next few minutes please let me enlighten you
don't bite into, or I'll be fightin you
And then that will only add into the crime rate
my goal is to help you like rhyme straight
You have a very very very short attention
And after this you'll probably be another wishin fan
Knowledge on the loose, and
there's no stoppin it
You want true enlightenment? Well I'm droppin it

Super-cala-fraga-listic, let's kick it live again
Do I have to tell you that you're
wack, time and time again?
Here's a brief example of a complicated cut
{*DJ cuts and
scratches rapidly*} So what?
For a song like this a cut like that would not be needed
If not
used correctly then the purpose is defeated
For example {*better scratch*} sounds much
However; many, are not that clever
To the hip, hop, now yo just stop it!
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