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Track:What Comes Around Goes Around
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[ VERSE 1 ]
Now this is a difficult subject
About something that's crazy - oh, what the
They know they have something that people don't like
And they still continue to
The thing I'm talkin about is an essence
A foreign fragrance with a presence

That you can't see with the naked eye
But to the nose it's a nuisance
It comes in so
many forms, it's camouflaged
And it will sneak upon you like espionage
You might not know
it cause it won't show it
And you will swear it's just a mirage
It can be with you when
you're talkin
It will be so close, you think it's hawkin
With a bit of a twang it got its
own slang
Is even known in New York, and
Everybody know what I'm sayin
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