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Track:Nobody Beats The Biz
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Now this may sound disgusting an' like very gross
But it's sure to have your trippin'
y'all listen close
It's not bright as the sun or sweet like sugar
But it's rather on the
bug tip and it's called Pickin' Boogers
Now what I'm emceein' might not seem kosher to you

But it's still somethin' we all have to do
So go up your nose with a finger or two

And pull out one or a crusty crew
Yo, don't try to front like it's so gloomy and gray

'Cause we all pick our boogers sometime every day
Whether out in the open or on a sneak
With a finger, tissue, or even a Q-Tip
Take it from the Biz Markie because I'm jokin'

And also, remember this slogan
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