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Track:Family Tree
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Yes, y'all-and, to the like beat-and
You could either dance or just have a seat and
to the way-in, what I am displayin
A different kind of rapper language that I am sayin
all the party people, ? the info
When it come to rockin parties I-am-a-nympho-maniac

brainiac for doin my dance
And my record Make the Music, will put you in a trance-and

hypnotize your body-and, like you do Bacardi-and
you won't be fightin or illin, you just
be partyin
down, with the funky sound with yours truly
I'm the original
B-I-Z-M-A-R-K-I-be-the-E and
I came to have fun and, not be number one-and
just hear to
let you know, who's like runnin the place
and everywhere that I perform and do a show

*beatboxing sound* as long as you know, that *beatbox drumbeat*
Nobody beats the Biz!

Nobody beats the Bizzzz
(repeat 4X)
You know me as the B-I-Z-M-A-R-K-I-E-and
go for what I know doin a show for human beings
I'm guaranteed to rock I make the ladies scream
and shout
I'm bound to wreck your body and say turn the party out
The Mardi rapper
toe-tapper always have it flowin
And when you hear the BizMarkie, I get the job done
I'm the M-A-R the K-I-E you know that's me
I got the stutter step to keep in check my speed is
so unique
They say I look and sound funny but I don't be carin
I rock the Latin Quarter,
Rooftop, Union Square and
Roseland, the Hassan?, Madison Square Garden
Even rock for the
?work fare at Jaffer Center?
Pardon the way, that I be talkin bout the places I be rockin

I love to perform, for the people that be clockin
Not sayin that you're on mine, you're on
it like a hornet
But you pay for the performance, doggone it, you want it
That's why I'm
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