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Artist:Biz Markie
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Track:Im An Ugly Nigga (so What?)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Hey hey hey, know what i heard?
Beauty's only skin deep, ugly is to the bone

Back in
the days, i'm not gonna lie
They used to say i'm ugly, a hurting guy
They would crack on my
lips, and my powder
Saying i look like yuck without the house or ?wig howard?
>from junior
high to high school they thought i was retarded
Just because the way i looked, they said i
I was very very sad and you wonder why
Because my looks and my gear wasn't ultra
I wouldn't even attempt to ask a girl out
Cause she get around her friends and began to
"guess who asked me out to the movies girlfriend
It was mark, i told him if the world
would end"
But my parents told me beauty's only skin deep
If that's true then why do girls
think that i'm a creep?
I even joined the football team to get some recognition
But that
didn't spark the key in a girl's ignition
They said i'm so ugly i give anican a headache
man, that is the icing on the cake!
So i kick this to all the girls from houses to huts
don't care what you think, cause you all are nuts

I'm an ugly nigga, so what?
If you
don't like the way i look, you can kiss my butt
I'm an ugly nigga, so what? so what? ewwwww
(repeat 2x)

I'm a tell you story that's really bugged
About a guy with a benz and he's
dealing drugs
In the begining before he got his riches
He was so ugly, he gave me the
I mean, if you see him, you think i might be kooky
But homeboy looked like, um,
I used to crack and joke and say he looked like a star
And everybody laughed when
i said "mon-star"
I can't laugh now because it's a new decade
My guzu-friend got the girls
and got it made
I gu
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