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Artist:Biz Markie
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Track:My Man Rich
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Verse One]
This is a different type of dedication
To a guy that was a different kind of
Only people that knew him, know what I'm talkin about
And at the end of the
story, you will say without a doubt
This wasn't your typical case, of fast livin
Anything he
was makin, he was givin
To his moms, pops, his brother and his girl
Cause they, meant, the
most to him in the world
Around Suffolk he wasn't known
But in Eastern Long Island, he did
have a home
Called L.I., is where he stayed
Where there was no need for D-Con or Raid
was cool with everybody, he had no enemies
I'm makin this record, cause he's a friend of
Cause he's a hard workin kid, I've just stated
That's why this record, is
To my man Rich

Yo yo, this is for you my man
God bless

[Verse Two]
Let me tell you what happened in the early 80's
When we wasn't
thinkin about gettin all the ladies
Me and Rich was thinkin about survival of the
You can ask Keith or Kevin, cause both of them were with us
We'd try to get a job
everyplace that it takes
We was even at the factory they call {?}
Everywhere we went they
said they'd call us back
Or even said they're not hirin to throw us off track
But Richie
Rich said, forget that stuff
Even though, times was rough
We kept searchin searchin lookin
and lookin
It seems everywhere we went, the jobs was tooken
Still Rich didn't give up the
He found a job that wasn't safe
Even though it was dangerous, it wouldn't
That's why this is dedicated to my man Rich

Yo this is to you my man
Cause you know you go way back, you go way back
Word up, God bless you

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