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Artist:Biz Markie
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Track:Country (Interlude)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Biz Markie singing]
My name is the Biz, everywhere I go
I rock the party, from head to
Lot of MC's wanna hear the way that I do rock
Is it because I put the party people into
I think it's because I am the original B
Ain't no other MC like the B-I-Z Markie (hit
it Kev)
On the guitar is my man Monty
And Tex don't know how to dance for S-H-I-T (fuck
But everytime you hear me I am on the go
Right there in Germany is my man
Everytime you hear me rhyme, I know {?} how to sing
That's why a lot of girls
cling to the ding-a-ling
{*everyone breaks down in laughter*}
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