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Artist:Biz Markie
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Track:Chinese Food
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Yo, you know this is.. FON-KAY
I'd like to say rest in peace, to Aaliyah (sweet thing)
'Left Eye' Lopez
But, you know, shout out to my man Bruce Lee
Jackie Chan, check it out, Jet

[Verse One]
I'ma bring it to you like this
Drop a three pointer from the corner
like swish
Walk around with a name belt and a funky new rap
Shell tops new and Space
Invaders cap
Old school like, bread and gravy
Me and Monty roll together like Fred and
Ain't, nothin you can say to stop this mad man
Play Defender, Centipede and Ms.
Just like Martin Luther I had a dream
In a house with no heat, just
Call Biz Mark, so you get the better connection
The type to wear Timbs to a weddin
I'm so smart, I even got a GED
Plus a vide-oh-oh, BET, and MTV
I'm the best
thing out now go ask your moms
Spendin money on cars just to pass the

Four chicken wings with shrimp fried rice, that's good
"Egg foo yung"*}
Beef and broccoli with a little white rice, that's good
{*scratch: "Fried
one time"*}
Chicken chow mein with a little white rice, that's good
{*sample: "Mix it mix it
up nice"*}
I need a couple of egg rolls in my neighborhood, that's good

I'm the Uptown rhymer, large like Big Momma
Keep three girls on the couch like "Oh
End every line with period, no comma
Hidin out 'til I'm found like Osama
Walk on
water, filled with pirahnas
Want the tie within coats with no liner
If I ever lose my girl,
I go find her
If not, I got Shirl' and Tawanna
Right back on ya, yep the old timer
contract you got, I no sign-a
Don't smoke or use drugs, of no kind-a
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