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Taken from the album Social Dancing by Bis
Album:Social Dancing
Track:Theme From Tokyo
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Lying there asleep
I wonder if she knows that
I am going away
I packed up and i'm
Out the bedroom door
I'm feeling kinda guilty
But this can't be changed

Will she resent me for this

I've said i'm sorry
But please don't worry
nothing that i can do
I won't forget you
Feel bad i left you
I promise i'll be back

It's been two weeks now
Since i left you at
The window with sad eyes

It's bad 'cos i can't even
Talk t'you on the phone
But you know that very soon
i'll be home
It won't be long now
I'll see you at the break of dawn now

coming home now
It won't be long now
I'll see you at the break of dawn now
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