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Taken from the album This Is Teen-c Power by Bis
Album:This Is Teen-c Power
Track:Teen-c Power!
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:We have got the power to change
This world and to rearrange
This regime we're living
One that tears us all asunder
But nobody wants to know
Happy in their country's
No use fighting them you say
They always will get their own way

This could
be the start of it all
We all want the system to fall
Get it right down on it's knees

'cos we were born in the 70's

We are young and we can cure it
Save our people from
this pit
Of disbelief and great dispair
Show them that it's us who care
Time for
revolution is now
No excuses this time let's go
Time has come, take that trip

Transmit it on the teen-c tip

This could be...

It's so synthetic
It's so
On every hour
You can't stand the power
Teen-c power!

Start the
teen-c's yr only real solution

This could be....

It's so
synthetic it's so pathetic
On every hour
You can't stand the power
Teen-c power!
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