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Taken from the album Intendo by Bis
Track:Statement Of Intent
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:You gotta make a statement of intent

If we're yr careless children, the monuments you're
Are subject to reclaim, yeah, yeah
And are ours to disclaim, yeah, yeah

Making discos of yr castles
We are tearing up yr plans
We won't be xeroxed for the
Filed by beaurocratic man
Hot damn!

You gotta make a statement of

If we're your misplaced youth
And your lies are the truth
Then mistakes
are illusions, yeah, yeah
A simple yes is confusion, yeah, yeah

We don't need a
history lesson
Museums are made to lie
We won't be xeroxed for the future
children never die
Hot damn!

Thinly veiled as national interest
With cold
hearts paid to lie
Be made a happy xerox
Be a number 4 or 5

You gotta make a
statment of intent
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