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Taken from the album Social Dancing by Bis
Album:Social Dancing
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(t-shirts, dresses, books, stickers) the bargain beauty
(seven inches, shoes, glitter) she
loves the sales
(hairdye, chocolate, toys, pictures) shops for her friends
paper, pens, knickers) shops for herself

When in doubt she will just get both
a shocking shopaholic
Lots of bags, happy all the time
She's a shocking shopaholic

(computer games, notebooks, bags) draws out a plan
(videos, hairclips, sweets, mags)
three for a fiver
(guitars, jumpers, cds, socks) it is so pleasing
(keyrings, jackets,
lps, hats) tension releasing

I've been a happy consumer since 1989
Tell me when the
sales start
Yes i'm always on time
I've got a mind like elastic
But i'm first in
You know i have to buy, i need consoling
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