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Taken from the album The New Transistor Heroes by Bis
Album:The New Transistor Heroes
Track:School Disco
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:It's hip and i'm square and i'm there i don't care
To be seen to have been to be part of a
And i don't give a damn i'm not part of their plan
On my own once again no one cares
oh the pain

Down at the disco where nobody goes
We are the future that nobody
Burn down the cities and smash all the walls
This is our country bis nation won't

The cool boys the cool girls got yr head in a whirl
It's obscene it's unclean
all the smut i have seen
We're so young we're so dumb and our time's still to come
But the
one place we go is down to school disco

Down at the disco...

I'm so hip you're
so square
I'm so cool i don't even care
All the boys want me so bad
But i don't care
cos they're all so sad
In the classroom i'm just the best
And on the dancefloor i just
beat the rest
It's getting late i gotta go
Right on down to the school disco

Down at the disco...
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