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Taken from the album The New Transistor Heroes by Bis
Album:The New Transistor Heroes
Track:Poster Parent
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Who's yr favourite person, and do you know them personally?
Maybe he's a she and she's a
reject, she's just like me.
Does it make yr bones break, when yr sitting thinking of them?

Does it make yr cold heart seize, again, again, again, again, again?

I've got blu-tack on
my back
Got it signed with personal thanx
Take it down? you bet i daren't
I'm hanging
over like a poster parent

Wanna know he's mine, and that he'll never cheat on me
everywhere i go, his face is all that i can see
Maybe it's just he's more popular that i
Mabye i'll go one better, i'll get his stone cold heart exhumed.

don't try to stop me
Boyfriend, i love you equally
Boyfriend, but this is inherent

Boyfriend, i need my poster parent
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