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Taken from the album Social Dancing by Bis
Album:Social Dancing
Track:Making People Normal
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Mummy was a model back in 1983
Before the skinny girls invaded the industry
She got a
habit got some plastic much too young
She wants dustin hoffman but she's not much on mrs.

You're looking good for your age
Looks like you've stepped off the
Thanks ricki, thank you jenny
You made me normal today

Daddy's such a
scruff in his played out teenage gear
Hasn't cut his hair and the shampoo's never near
can you make him look like other's people dad
Will you please help me
'cos it makes my
life oh so bad

I don't look the correct way
Please help make me normal today
don't look the correct way
Please help make me normal today

Thank you ricki, thank
you jenny
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