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Track:Dome Shots
Date Added:24/10/2007
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They call me Young A-Wax [Young A-Wax]
Surround myself with young J-Cats
Quick to spray gats
Nobody can trust each other [what?]
I count snakes
when I'm under my covers and sheets
Instead of sheep's stressin' myself to sleep
rather deep like murder second degree
Never nervous
Handle them heavy weapons /> Reborn: 7th month, 17th day, 9th year of the 70's
Smokin' heavily
Beverly Hills
rapper, slash thug actors
Get drunk backwards out of they whip
Snatch him by the perm
put a gun to his lip
And tell him strip
Savage times for real
You a bitch if you
can't admit my rhymes is ill [ugh]

[Chorus] x2
Catch a dome shot, get your wig
He looked at me with his brains in his hand, EEW!
He asked me if I could fix it /> Then he cried
Shook like a fish out of water then he died

[A-Wax] /> Collided with the killers
Or the rydah with the rilla
But you sided with them fake /> Now you gotta meet your fate
Out of state where the cakes cost 23 G'z
I went back to
the past with three
Caught funk
Yeah, smothered a goon
Turn the music up loud /> Better cover the boom
Go discover the room
Go explore the flames
I was more
than doomed
It was more than pain
It was rain
Sunshine, one bullet, one nine /> One mother fucka, you done mother fucka
Another mother gotta suffer a loss
It was
Dawg it was nothin' to a boss
I was lost
This time last year paid the
For a once and a 2nd strike
Four blunts, one second to strike
Got a kite from
Said light the flame

[Chorus] x2

a fish out of water he was floppin'
Took a shot to the dom
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