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Album:Very Proud Of Ya
Track:Charles Atlas
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:You've seen it all a thousand times,
You've heard it all before.
You've danced the steps,
You wrote the rhymes.
So pass?
Too many times,
But you're hollow at the core.
Two generations past you by.
You think there's nothing left.
But look around and you will see what our world has grown to be.
We are the now, not the past.
Can't you even try to see the strength with which
We've built ourselves to be.
I know that you will never be able to destroy what it's meant to me.
You've never seen the likes of us.
We are your novelty.
A brand new trend with mass appeal,
Don't like the truth,
Don't like what's real.
You're jumping into something you'll never understand.
You think that it's a passing phase.
It's our entire life.
You revel in rebellious ways,
Rebellion that the media made.
When you change your channel,
We'll smash your t.v.
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