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Artist:A Tribe Called Quest
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Track:Mr. Incognito
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Mr. Incognito, Incognito

[Verse 1: Q-Tip]
Yeah yeah yeah /> Mr. Incognito is back again
Now all I want is peace and papes, and a physical frame /> Jottin down my list of positives in life
I want a ride, crib, mud, wife
The look on
my girl is filled with conviction
Gonna get what I need, the league restriction
on the Boulevard to brother hood buddies
Pokin in my pocket it's the E for the moneys /> Jay and all the jokes that jet in the jetters
While I'm at the booth tube watchin
Swig up on a forty cause I'm feelin thirsty
Mama says she taught me, better
say she cursed me
Throwin on my hoodie low-profilin, whassup with the Twister
man be wildin
While I be on mission that's beyond eye level
Questin out the devil and
this styles that I sever-
-al Quest with the Questers, a Quest on a solo
Boomin in a
Benzo, Beamer or a Bronco
Boom pack a boom boom, boom pack a boom
If my sight isn't
seen, silly saps will assume
That we fallin off the earth with the Nina and the pensa /> The Five Foot Assasin with the shade of magenta

[Verse 2: Phife Dawg]
is the shade for the mystic parade
Physical Trini boy lyrically I enstrain
Livin of
Lyndon 1-92nd
Chillin at the rest other brothers wreck it
Easy like I'm on it, Commodore
Waited for tuesday, fourmatic monday
When I woke wednesday persons was
Don't know the whereabouts can't be foundin
Chillin for the villain the one
they call the Phifer
Still on the smooth but a tidbit hyper
Get with the gat one as I
hit the D-L
It's my thing what I ring I try to do it well
You can bet your bottom dollar
that the Tribe will not be slippin
Makin hit after hit as we c
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