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Artist:A Nude
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Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:call me a hero
call me a thief
call me the names that you think do fit to me /> don't care if you're acting unfair as long as your images of me give you reason to be there /> you want to know how it feels to be like me
you want to understand why
the truth is
never ever big enough so here come another lie

I'm a soulman and I don't wanna know
I'm a lonley sailor sailing the sky
just like a preacher who lost his belief /> I am a love addicted looking for relief

there ain't a place that I do belong to /> somehow everything that I do turns out to be wrong
sometimes it just seems like I am a
nowhere man in his little tiny nowhere land
so I close my eyes and let my thoughts get up
while thousands of angles call my name
well am I just dreaming or am I driving

I'm a soulman...

we never think of the darkness while we face the
we don't believe in destiny when everything works out right
but somehow we have
to face somewhere
that life isn't funny and love isn't fair

I'm a soulman...
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