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Artist:A Nude
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Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:how do you feel when you wake up at night
and your head is filled up with desire
do you scream when your loosing control
in the ened nobody wants to know
you act like
a beast of burden like a thief in the night
you keep on running around
why don't we
get straight to the point now
all you want from me is to hear that

I'm a sinner

I'm a saint
I'm a liar
but I'm not ashamed

this is getting
serious it's more than I can take
your behaviour is far too strange
the way you walk
the way you talk
is much too cool these days
what's on your mind when you're tryin to
be kind
by treating me like a fool
there's no sense in believing
that the way
you are living is extraordinary
let me tell you

I'm a sinner...
/> so you want me to live this way for a lifetime
so you want me to give you everything- oh
lord I've tryed
what about the friends we care for- can we look them straight in the eyes /> what about the world we live i- can we give it a try

I'm a sinner....
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