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Artist:A La Carte
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Track:You Get Me On The Run
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:You get me on the run

You turn me on and on

/> You get me on the run

I never thought that it could be done.

You're the one

the party's on and going strong

/> You're the one

I felt the rhythm in the song

You're the

when you asked me for a dance

You're the one
/> my mind just didn't stand a chance.

I went cold and hot but I couldn't stop />

Stop the fever deep inside.

You get me on the run
/> . . .

You're the one

I understood without a word

You're the one

noone saw and noone heard

the one

when you took me to your home

You're the one />
we loved until the break of dawn.

You are dynamite

when you hold
me tight

You're the one who drives me wild.

You get me on
the run

. . .

You get me on the run

. . .
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