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Artist:A Chorus Line Soundtrack
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Track:Ultramagnetic MCs
Date Added:24/10/2007
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[Ced Gee]
Yo whassup yo
We in the Ultra lab man
We got this beat
rollin man
We might as well start this Chorus Line, y'all with that?

[Tim Dog]

Word up, yeah let's do this shit man
Let's get on that

[Ced Gee] /> Yo so how we gonna do this? Yo..
Matter of fact, you know how we gon' do it?
Yo Tim
Dog, you lead it off, aight?

[Tim Dog]

[Ced Gee]
gonna, yeah we gonna get out of here man
It's on you, take it my brother

Ahhhhhhhhh [edited], call me the hick that vicked
To lick the dick you spick,
cause I'm too quick
I be appraisin, raised with the brave
I'm the headmaster and
you're my slave
Metaphor master, rhymes are disaster
Have the class to, faster, call
me the master
You wanna jet, project with a similie
But I'm so large I boned your girl
Procrastinator, laid her, hate her, played her, sprayed her
You wanna be taught?
I'll control, get bold, uphold, re-fold
in tow.. cause I got so
dollars, scholars, holler
Girlies wanna stop and talk but I walk
away, cause Dog don't
If rappers wanna play - go ride a sleigh
I'll compare and dare with a stare /> You say where? I'm over here
Metaphor physical, rhymes are artistical lyrical mircales /> difficult, to some terrifical
Hypothetically, alphabetically
No joke hardcore, rhymes will sting more
Dog will get more, yes yes yes
I manifest protest and progress
Confess with reflex, cause I get cold sex /> I can't believe how dope I am
Give me a pound, thank you ma'am
So whether you thi
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