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Artist:A Camp
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Track:Rockn Roll
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:Well you know
And you go
When I'm alone
I have no cause
To think about the
We used to know
Made of snow

Well you came
And you stayed />
No one here
To raise a toast
Be my guest
And I will be your host /> To a rock'n roll ghost
A rock'n roll ghost

Well you said
She's better
off dead
You think that I might
Have heard a word
But I was much too young /> And much too cool for words
Look at me now

No one here
To raise a
Take me by the hand
Man, raise a toast
Or the rock'n roll ghost
To a
rock'n roll ghost

We don't know
Until we're gone

There's no one
To raise a toast
I look into the mirror
And I see
The rock'n roll
My rock'n roll ghost
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