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Artist:A Camp
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Album:A Camp
Track:Hard As A Stone
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:In the morning and in the evening
When you think you’re alone
Too many hours in your
Has made me hard a stone

I tried to crack you
I told you
you’re the one
But you must have though that i was gone
I told you a lot of lies
just to get laid
But your heart is hard as a stone

You’re a vicious but
i’m a man
I’m gonna do what i can to remain hard as a stone

That little
pigeon where did you find it?
I had to break her every bone
Eleven hours in your
No wonder i’m hard as a stone

She was delicious now i’m a star /> If you wanna be what you are you better be hard as a stone

(the chorus) />
You’re mean, but i’m a man
It’s not exactly what i planned but it seems
i’m hard as a stone
Hard as a stone
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