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Track:Sunrise On The Road
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:1) Sunrise on the road i'm feeling high today
Will you ride with me into the night
If I
didnt know where I was going to
Would you say that it could be alright

2) We
broke down and ended up in New Orleans
Saved our souls with an evil groove
Marie Laveau
was gazing in her crystal ball
Saw my eyes were hazy from the road

3) I walked
through the city with my empty glass
Filled it with the mystery of the past
A thousand
people danced into the morning sun
This forever feels like it could last

Walking through the streets down in the marony
Swirling dancers in the second line
me to a place i've seen in fantasys
Somehow I think I lost track of the time

5) And so I left New Orleans with a photograph
Of a thousand miles we left behind
and I
saw the city fading in my rear view mirror
Hazy as the road began to wind

Sunrise on the road im feeling high today
Will you ride with me into the night

7) We broke down and ended up in new orleans
She took our souls just looking in her eyes

The moon was falling down into the eastern sky
Dreaming as the sun began to rise... (3x)
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