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Artist:Zita Swoon
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Track:I Am A Lover
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I am a good man
My life is good
I am a lover
And my language is love
My love was
in a whirl
And now my love is gone
I am a good man
But my life's gone wrong

I'm spilling my time
Drinking love's wine
All over time
I'm spending my
wages on love
A love so devine
I think we will climb
Up to the moon real soon

See the moon above
Pouring down with love
I can't get enough
Of love
did she go?
I'm asking you Joe?
I've waited for ages on love
A love so devine

Not even time
Is as courages as love
See the moon above
Pouring down with love

I can't get enought
Of the stuff
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