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Artist:Zita Swoon
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Track:People Cant Stand The Truth
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Standing on a bridge
Watch the cars go by
I guess I'll never understand
But at least I
I'm a moving with the speed of the jungle man
Also hoping not to die in an accident

I get into a car and I drive away
I wanna be there sleep there
The race is gonna feed
Anything you tell me ain't enough to prove
Don't you know people can't stand the truth

A man drives a car until he has reached the end
And then he wants to be free and then he
wants to repent
I wanna be there but then I wanna be gone
But with the speed I go I won't
last to long
I'm trying real hard to be a happy man
So I keep my eyes closed and do the
best I can
To not see the drugs and the dirt and the sham
The information I receive is of
second hand
My car got stuck in a traffic jam
Still I wanna believe
And still I wanna
That I'm gonna be the king of this jungle man
I wanna sleep a while on your bossum
Cause I don't wanna be alone
Yeah that's the way I am
I wanna eat with ya, sleep
with ya
Make my heart beat for ya
Everything about you makes my spirit groove
that's exactly what I need when I face the truth
So give me your courage and give me your faith

And when your fishing for a good time let me be your bait
You really got me going with the
way you move
Oh baby can't you see what I'm trying to say
Let's take off our masks and
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