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Artist:Zita Swoon
Taken from the album I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress by Zita Swoon
Album:I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress
Track:The Rabbit Field
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:There's a place where the dogs go
I don't know
If we belong there
But if you've never
been there
You should go
You really should go

Hey it's where I wanna
Better than a movie show
Come on don't you be late
Oh oh man it's always

There's a town with a fancy goal
It's all so
Smoggy round
Ain't no room for tree to grow
Although the sun it glows

Hey what little do they know
The dumbest crowd I ever saw
Hey they chained
my beliefs
But I go where my heart leads me

There's a place where the dogs
And the gods lick it
Off the walls
If you've never been there
You should
Bye bye
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