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Artist:Zita Swoon
Taken from the album Life = A Sexy Sanctuary by Zita Swoon
Album:Life = A Sexy Sanctuary
Track:Hot Hotter Hottest
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:30 days is long enough
So baby I won’t call you anymore
I wish you’d rush into my
But every wish I wish is bound to do me harm
The phone it rang around half past
And then I pull the plug out of the wall
The conversations that I have
don’t amount to nothing
Except for the ugly thoughts I have

The doorbell rang
around half past two
And when I walk back inside my day was through
I think I slept all
And when I woke at night the moon was full
The neon flashing in the
And then I walk through town to a lazy beat
I take the phone off of my
Cause the music don’t sooth me
It just makes me bleed

I wonder if I’m
done with thinking
This prison room will be my grave
But now I’m all alone and
Although I surely lost the taste

In the morning when I woke
I heard a
noisy television host
I switch the man out of my room
Cause the games they don’t thrill
They just make me blue
The window’s open
The curtain flies
I see the ghost
of you before my eyes
I shiver as I turn away
I see the phone is waiting
I dial and I
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