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Artist:Zero Mostel
Taken from the album Fiddler On The Roof by Zero Mostel
Album:Fiddler On The Roof
Track:Far From The Home I Love
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:How can I hope to make you understand
Why I do what I do?
Why I must travel to a distant
Far from the home I love.

Once, I was happily content to be
As I was,
where I was,
Close to the people who are close to me,
Here in the home I

Who could see that a man would come
Who would change the course of my
Helpless now, I stand with him,
Watching older dreams grow dim.

what a melancholy choice this is,
Wanting home, wanting him.
Closing my heart to every
hope but his,
Leaving the home I love.

There, where my heart has settled long
I must go. I must go.
Who could imagine I'd be wandering so
Far from the home I

Yet, there with my love, I'm home
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