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Sey yuh waan know Rupert
Blouse and skirt (repeat)
Sey yuh waan know
Blouse and skirt (repeat)

Verse 1:
Mi get up dis mawning

Sey mi nah ga a nuh work
Put on a pants and a likkle pretty shirt
Yow burn
steel wi a go mek a gal splurt
Me hear a man start lick out alert
People dead! Me
sey who? - Rupert
Mi go over deh a mi go see him inna dirt
Di way how me bex, mi sey
everybody hurt
Mi a di fus' man sey, nuh mek di jeep splurt
A man draw fi a stone
outta di dirt
And sey A obstacle must get hurt
Boop an lick a girl in har skirt

Mi hear she shout out Blouse and skirt
Dem deh time blood a decorate di skirt

Sey you waa know Rupert
Blouse and skirt (repeat)
yuh waa know Rupert
Blouse and skirt

Verse 2:
Bop! Bop! shot start
A man sey "Hombre come we retire"
Shines say "no man, puncture di tire"

Yeah! Yuh go dweet, cause yuh a Bag-A-Wire
Bop!Bop! more shot start pop
"What is a
uzi dat, no is a glock"
Yow! Stop yuh noise man, a chat you love chat?
See smoke
deh, a tear gas
Tek yuh sheet dem, move di mattras
Lock di door from di bottom to di
Mi did wake but mi gone sleep back
Mi naw go out deh fi get nuh gun shot -

Suh yuh nuh know Rupert, alright
Blouse and skirt

Verse 3:
Mi a go tell yuh how di youth get hurt
Him sey him eat till him
belly did a run
So him wake up and go do-do Over di burial ground
So a come him a
come See a jeep and go run
Bow! an dem shoot him dung
A man started to talk whey did
Three couple man jump a fence Whey dem
Nobody know dem nuh waa get gun dung

Sey yuh know Rupert
Blouse and Skirt


Verse 4:
As him a come di door lock An look how long it did open
him inna line, thru dem start back voting
Look how much time poor people heart been broken

Long time dem a dweet dem fi stop di joking
Mine what yuh drinking, Mine what yuh
Life worth living don't tek it fi joke ting
Yuh nuh see poker box, stop pay
out token

Sey yuh nuh know Rupert
Blouse and Skirt

Verse 5:
Learn if yuh white an yuh can learn if yuh black
God give yuh breath
and him can tek it whey back
Wrong yuh doing, a full time yuh fi stop
Shot a kill
people more than how dem have heart-a-tack
Mi sey mek some more way and dem set some more
A good thing mi find out sey ants falla fat
Mi nuh drink outta dem glass Mi nuh
eat outta dem pot
Sey dem bright like a bulb But dem dunce like a bat (So whey

Smaddy get shot - Rupert
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