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Artist:Young Paul
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Album:Paul Young
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:He'll fall asleep touching her skin
And wake up alone
He'll call out her name in the
And she will be gone
Just when he thinks he's found
Someone to turn his world
She'll vanish again

He'll never know how often
She's done this
There are so many warnings he'll choose
To simply ignore
Just when he thinks
he's saved
The same tragic scene is replayed...
She'll vanish again

always be somebody else
Just over the rise
The proof is right there in her eyes

She'll do it to him don't you see
She's done it to me...

And just when he thinks
he's found
Someone to turn his world around...
She'll vanish again

Just when
he's feeling so sure
And he says that magic word...
She'll vanish again
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