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Artist:Young Neil
Taken from the album Weld by Young Neil
Track:Roll Another Number
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:It's too dark to put the keys in my ignition,
And the mornin' sun is yet to climb my hood
But before too long I might see those flashing red lights;
Look out, mama,
'cause I'm comin' home tonight.

Think I'll roll another number for the
I feel able to get under any load.
Though my feet aren't on the ground, I been
standin' on the sound
Of some open hearted people goin' down.

I'm not goin' back
to Woodstock for a while,
Though I long to hear that lonesome hippie smile.
I'm a
million miles away from that helicopter day;
No, I don't believe I'll be goin' back that

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