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Artist:Young Neil
Taken from the album Hawks And Doves by Young Neil
Album:Hawks And Doves
Track:Lost In Space
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Live with me, live with me
Live with me, live with me
Lost in space
I heard you were
lost in space
That's such a lonely place to be

Out of control
Singin' with too
much soul
I heard you got out on parole
Workin' for the queen

Landscaping again
Keepin' all the grounds around her clean
Workin' for the

Don't take out the magic pen
Don't draw on the infinity board
buildings if they rise again
Would do much better on the ocean floor
They'll never feel
the way they did before
They did before

Marine Munchkin
"Out on the ocean
floor, out on the ocean floor
What could be stranger than the unknown danger
That lies on
the ocean floor?"

Breakers crash on the beach
I count them like lambs in my
They come at me steady
They know I'm not ready
They pound on my mattress
Have they got a big one in store

Losing you
I heard I was losing you

That's not the only thing that I got to lose
I got to lose
The deep see blues
Look at
these blues
The deep see blues

Live with me, live with me.
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