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Artist:Young Neil
Taken from the album Lucky 13 by Young Neil
Album:Lucky 13
Track:Get Gone
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:When I was a young boy, it weren't too late
I had me a Buick, was a '48
Yeah, tons and
tons of rollin' steel
With a long black hoad and four big wheels

Well, I worked so
hard I flunked out of school
And everybody said I was a teenage fool
Meanwhile I wrote me
a new set of rules
'Bout how to get gone and how to be cool

Well, we hit the road
like a ton o' bricks
With an old guitar and a few hot licks
We were rockin' in the city
and rockin' in the sticks
Didn't make much money but we had a lotta kicks

Get gone,
get gone
Get gone, oh yeah, get gone

Well, then one day a city slicker walked
Said, "I'm gonna make you a million bucks
Gonna fly around the country in a big ol'
Gonna get a lotta drugs, gonna feel no pain"

Well, I knew we were breakin'
that highway rule
When we pulled outta town a little low on fuel
That big ol' plane fell
from the sky
Me and the boys kissed the world goodbye
Yeah, me and the boys kissed the
world goodbye

Get gone, get gone
Get gone, oh yeah, get gone
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